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In Brief: Gatman applies successful SEO techniques on assorted and nationally diverse projects. Gatman only applies techniques that are considered “Google-safe” or white-hat techniques. Gatman does not employ “black-hat” or gray area techniques that are predicated on “gaming the system”. SEO Page Rank results are generally a result of content / topic relevance, site size, quality site & page building techniques and organic popularity in the context of the competitiveness of that specific key phrase / space. SEO results must be viewed in the context of the key phrase(s) and competitiveness of the target markets. We subscribe to the advise given by Matt Cutts - Google's SEO Zen master.

Through the process of determining “realistically obtainable” key phrases, Gatman shall recommend techniques related to site design, coding, content presentation & management, and server management, with an objective of increasing search engine results specific to the phrases determined suitable.

The SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Relevancy - you must build a site that is relevant to the specific phrase and work towards making that site, page(s), and categories supportive of that specific topic (key phrase).
  • Content Size & Authority - authoritative, resource-oriented information contributes to readership and can validate the knowledge-base aspects of the content. Validation of site content DOES NOT come in the way of paid links or link back farms and services.
  • Results Size / Competition - size matters here as well. Be prepared to temper expectations for generic phrases and competitive markets.
  • Traditional and Creative Marketing Contributes - all marketing back to the site has a cumulative effect. Prioritize budget and time between traditional media outlets, social networking and other resources.
  • Clean Code - Good Code - Good Menu Hierarchy & Navigation - Site Performance - fundamentals of page design, coding and site usability. Server and site performance are also part of the cumulative equation.
  • Visitors Help - Inquiries Help More - project goals defined. Is the purpose is to field a call, register a user, receive an email inquiry, or create a sale?
  • Results Are Always In Flux - search engine results will vary over the course of time. Up or down. Search Engine Optimization is a process and not a one-shot effort. Other sites and competitors will continue to make changes, updates and refinements.
  • SEO Efforts Can Never Be Guaranteed

The foundations presented above are a snap shot of items that can be given consideration in the SEO effort. This is list is by no means exhaustive or without caveats and clarifications.

Media Strategies Should Work In Tandem and Produce Cumulative Results. There will be various strengths and deficiencies in an SEO effort. The campaigns should be predicated on time to manage, costs and short term / long term views of the effort.

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