Media Production & Direction | Media & Campaign Management

Coordinating business assets into a cohesive vision.

Project Direction & Representation

Acting as "agents" for a business in working towards the successful transformation of ideas and concepts into viable end-results. The language, the technologies, and the process can advance to confusing and complex proportions. As the clients's intermediary, we will intercede liaising with service providers, vendors, developers, and application's programmers.

Project Management, Direction & Representation Flow Chart
  • Establishing: Objectives, Methods, Strategies & Goals
  • Analysis and Feasibility
  • Follow-Through
  • Client Representation - liaising between multiple agencies, vendors and providers.
  • Communications - communicating verbally and in written form.
  • Business planning involving media assets and campaigns.

We Can Speak Geek

Separating the wheat from the chafe. Gatman can bring the geek-speak down to a level of comprehension and understanding.

Enabling businesses to make informed decisions concerning deployment of assets, returns and costs.

Case Study

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